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C.E. Bogard & Sons Cats Eye Marbles

Cairo, WV


By David Chamberlain

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Bogard made some of the most unusual cat’s eyes imaginable. Yep! You’ve got to get into those poly bags and really look at them. Vie done that just for you!

About 15 years ago, I bought from Charlie Stutsman a dozen of those 50 Count Cats Eye in Glass bags. Yesterday, I opened ten of them and let 500 marbles roll out. I can’t describe the feeling! I think 500 marble is sufficient from which to make statistical judgments. By the way, I found one pee wee in the entire bunch. More about that later.

I don’t know what was happening but in two of the bags a total of 14 ribboned, 2-color, white-based, opaque swirl interlopers snuck their way in. Let’s dispense with them right off. No photo!

I won’t provide statistical percentages ad nauseum, but I will say that the Black and the Black with wisps of white all attempting and most failing to become 4 vanes totaled 139. And the orange with white, actually multi-vaned white cage with orange patch (actually splotch) similar to English Caged Fat Cores totaled 126 (see Photo #1).

PHOTO #1:C.E. Bogard & Sons

A variety of colors actually elevated themselves sufficiently to standard 4-vane cat’s eye status to allow me to line up like soldiers ten of them in Photo #2. Only the White (65), the Green (47), the Light Orange Hybrid (37), and the Dark Orange Hybrid (21) weighed in with any quantity. I don’t count the black as so few made it to 4-vane status.

PHOTO #2:C.E. Bogard & Sons

Now for the lonely ones in Photo #2. That Yellow 4-vane was the only one among 500 marbles! Kind of sad. The Dark Blue, only four; the Light Blue, just one; and the Green with White Blend, only three (see also Photo #3). This last one is similar to a St. Mary’s of the same coloring only blended.

PHOTO #3:C.E. Bogard & Sons

On to some of the more exotics. My all time favorites are these Orange and Black with White in Photo #4. There were only 12 (2.5%) and I have named them Halloweens. What better time to write this but a week before the date! This is the marble that stands out far and above any others. Actually combining marble colors you can make some neat Halloween Pairs with the two varieties in Photo #1.

PHOTO #4:C.E. Bogard & Sons

Also uncommon are the marbles in Photo #5. The Orange hazy single-vane swiggle totaled 15 marbles while the Orange with a Black line down its center counted for eight marbles. And in Photo #6, left to right: Dark Blue 4-vane, only four; Green single horseshoe, only two; and Powder Blue with White ill-formed single vane, only three.

PHOTO #5:C.E. Bogard & Sons

PHOTO #6:C.E. Bogard & Sons

Finally, I’m getting back to that pee wee (Photo #7). That’s a true pee wee and the other is 1/32 over a half inch. Each has a hazy single curved vane. Incidentally, almost all of the Bogard marbles are translucent; that’s the beauty of them.

PHOTO #7:C.E. Bogard & Sons

To conclude, I provide a happy little group of some of the more exotic types including one I almost forgot to mention which has Dark Blue with a wisp of Orange. Only four of them (Photo # 8) .

PHOTO #8:C.E. Bogard & Sons

Guess I’m going to have to get these 500 marbles back into their bags. Seems a shame, what with them having been cooped up in there for the past 15 years since I got them and a couple of decades before that. I’m not going to be in any rush about it.

David Chamberlain, 10-23-05


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