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by David Chamberlain

I would like to commend to my fellow marble collectors the 2003 production of Jabo, Inc.s Fall Classic marbles. They outdid themselves! It was an extremely limited run of not more than 20 varieties. In comparison with historical marble runs were talking about only a couple 50 gallon barrels per design. That's a pittance! As word has it they were rapidly dispersed within the general Ohio/West Virginia area in a short period of time. If you blinked they were gone!

I've had the unique opportunity this past year to not only purchase a 50 pound box of these beauties along with Mike Johnson but I've received premium examples from Dave McCullough and Ron & Paula Shepherd. I also picked up a few more at Amana including a nice little cache of the Pee Wee marbles of which I discerned only about a dozen different ones. These pee wees were run as a fun project by Richard McKnight during one day of production. You make pee wee marbles only because you can. Its kind of like asking why a mountain climber climbs mountains.

I should add that I also received some of the marbles that were only produced during machine changes and color changes. You would have had to be there picking them out of the barrels!

Now, I must tell you what I think about this special production. They're awesome! For a fact, they are some of the finest marbles in design and color combination and rate highly when compared to some of the better marbles of the past. Certain varieties at Amana were already commanding high recognition and this was less than a year after their manufacture. I consider their value potential considerable. Heck, Just look at them!

Hopefully the color reproduction of my photographs here does them justice. Definitely look for some of them to be pictured in Mike Johnson & Susie Metzler's book on the machine made marble industry when it comes out Spring 06. This will be a marble book for the ages! I've made up some boxes of them for the fun of it and the represent some of my favorite varieties (Photos #1 & #2).

Photo #1Jabo Inc, Marbles

Photo #2Jabo Inc, Marbles

Photos 3 and 4 contain matching 5/8 inch and pee wee varieties.

Photo #3Jabo Inc, Marbles

Photo #4Jabo Inc, Marbles

Mike tells me that these inch green, black, and yellow 03 Jabo's in photo #5 are his favorites.

Photo #5Jabo Inc, Marbles

The single inch marble in photo #6 had great play at Amana!

Photo #6Jabo Inc, Marbles

Now for some truly hellacious examples. These five 1 inch examples (photo #7) are to die for and the six phenomenal inch swirls (photo #8 ) literally bleed into the background. Finally in photo #9, we've got a mix that any marble collector worth his salt would give an arm and a leg for. It all makes you wonder how these guys at Jabo can top this special production. I bet they're thinking about it right now.

Photo #7Jabo Inc, Marbles

Photo #8Jabo Inc, Marbles

Photo #9Jabo Inc, Marbles

Photos #10 and #11 contain what are truly the pride of my collection, twenty four rows of as many different pee wees. And to this day, I consider them one of the best examples of machine made marbles imaginable.

Photo #10Jabo Inc, Marbles

Photo #11Jabo Inc, Marbles

By the way, anyone out there who has a lead on a prospect who needs marbles in commercial quantities, you should put them in touch with the people at Jabo. They know how to make marbles!



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