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Jabo 5/8" Run - October 5-6, 2006

By David Chamberlain

I've gone and done it. I did have a reputation for being death on Hyped marbles. Actually, I didn't fully live up to the principle (whatever it was) 'cause over the past 19+ years, I've either participated in or contributed solely to at least three or four marble names. Have to admit amazement that the Alox Blue Phantom and Green Phantom never caught on. Probably because I'd never seen any other green ones than the two I have. Now the Blue Phantom, that's another matter. They're out there…somewhere. Gotta be, because I've got at least a couple dozen. Maybe they're an acquired taste. If you heard me talk about them, you'd have to have one.

Anyway, then comes along this October 5-6, 2006 Jabo run. Dave McCullough gave Mike Johnson and I a 15 to 20 pound box of them. More or less! It was a gift. Ungrateful lout that I am, it wasn't until a week ago that I finally got to examining them seriously. That's the gist of it right there. Yesterday, I named five of them and the sixth name was like a flash of lightening. When you see the photographs, you'll agree. How could it be called anything other than what it is…a SUPERMAN (Photos 1-2). And I have over 40 of them. Unreal! Eat your heart out. Oops!

Photo 1Jabo Inc. Marbles



Photo 2Jabo Inc. Marbles


I know I'm going to get flak, even from buddies that agree with my names. Well, I've got the perfect answer. Who isn't there among you who wouldn't want to have been there when Akro and Peltier marbles were working their way down the rollers and have been able to say, "I know that marble!" And name it. Well, I can and I have now! Try it, you'll like it. Of course, you need to know and love your marble and do it with respect and in a spirit of good fun. I can tell you that these names felt as natural to me as a marble dropping into the bucket.

Okay, put this marble in your pipe and smoke it. Say hello to PRAIRIE SMOKE (Photos 3-4). I would maybe provide you with its family association but I think it might be confusing right now. Just enjoy the exquisite beauty of this marble. I think my photographs say it all. And I've provided a flower representation of the marble, thanks to my Prairie Nursery Native Plants and Seeds Catalog.

Photo 3Jabo Inc. Marbles


Photo 4Jabo Inc. Marbles


Believe me, it just gets better and better. Le me introduce you to the OZARK CONEFLOWER (Photos 5-6). That's not cornflower. There was something about the wonderful simplicity of this marble and flower that matched up. I'll have to admit that I matched the flower to the marble rather than the other way around. Did the chicken or the egg come first? (*With apologies to Marlow Peterson, for whom this marble is already named, although I suspect he'll get a kick out of his new Latin name - Echinacea paradoxa.)

Photo 5Jabo Inc. Marbles


Photo 6Jabo Inc. Marbles


This marble, the PRAIRIE TRILLIUM (Photos 7- , has such richness of color and a distinction of topographical-like surface etchings it rises to the top in its family of similarly bent brothers. Truly, this is a marble not to be denied.

Photo 7Jabo Inc. Marbles


Photo 8Jabo Inc. Marbles


I will fully admit that the name VIRGINIA WILD RYE (Photos 9-10) came to me first. It would only have had more power in my mind if the flower were named West Virginia Wild Rye. Either way, this marble stands to attention. There was no way I was going to go against long held marble naming convictions without paying tribute to the Virginias.

Photo 9Jabo Inc. Marbles


Photo 10Jabo Inc. Marbles


Then there's CARAMEL HEAVEN (Photos 11-12). I have only 12 of this marble. It is fully edible, requiring the admonition "Not for children under that age of 70", which I will eclipse next year. I ask you, how could I possibly not name this marble!

Photo 11Jabo Inc. Marbles


Photo 12Jabo Inc. Marbles


I hope you have enjoyed this joy ride through just one two day run of Jabo marbles. There's no telling what additional trouble I'll be getting into as I have more time to get to know intimately these precious gems.

March 21, 2008

Note: David welcomes any comments or questions about his articles. You can write him at: PO Box 5222, Santa Cruz, CA, 95063


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