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Southwest USA Marbles - Jabo Spring 2005

By David Chamberlain

I've decided it's necessary to quickly follow that last Jabo photo group with another, if only to prove I'm not a flash in the pan. In fact, I'm going to do magic with marbles this time, turning a whole Spring run I'd previously touted as being distinguished by Fall colors into ones indigenous to the Southwest.

It is amazing what you discover when you get right down and actually start looking at your marbles. I think settling in the part of the country might have some influence.

I've half a mind to initiate a marble naming contest. Get it out of our systems once and for all. Except it wouldn't be fair to narrow in down to one or two or three winners. Every last person would be a winner their names would be etched in Marble Lore. I'm feeling radical about this thing. Don't stop me now!

It's major confessional time. That was small potatoes, my previous Jabo article (October 5 - 6, 2006 run) where I was only discovering something I had and should have known about; now I am finding out that a group of marbles that I had previously photographed and characterized are very much the opposite of what I thought they were. I love it!

So, here we go with a new geographical designation. All marbles in the photographs range from pee wee to ¾ inch with the majority being 5/8ths inch. I also provide a few odd ball look a likes for contrast (double-ingots, three hitched together, cullet, fun stuff). The twelve sets of four each are pee wees. No one inch marbles.

I'm reserving the right to possibly name a couple of these. Probably should do it right now while I've conveniently got the opportunity…

David Chamberlain 5/11/08
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