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There Be Dragons
David Chamberlain 01-30-2011



"Mmmmmm.....this will make a tasty snack.  Roar!"   Yes, and exceedingly tasty indeed are the 3/4" marbles from last years JOKER ODYSSEY run 2010.  I rec'd about 50 top tier ones from David Griffie.  No stinting when he picked these out.  Even superlatives don't cover it!  DRAGON:  Enchantica Series,  Holland Craft Studios manu.,  "Zadratus"  1994,  Ltd. edit. size 3950   Jabo's Marbles 1

Jabo Marbles 2


Not Recommended For Dragons Under the Age of 3.  Try telling that to this immerging baby Dragon.  I'm paying homage here to particularly worthy Jabo Runs that I'd previously not highlighted.  These five exceptional marbles are from the JOKER II OXBLOOD SERIES 7-27-2008.  They are left to right:  Wire Pull,  Cobra,  Brick,  Submarine and Blue Cobra  3/4".  DRAGON:  Windstone Edition  series and manu.,  Melody Pena artist,  "Gargolingus"  1994

Jabo Marbles 3

Jabo Marbles 4


How appropriate that "Materith," a female Dragon is not only protecting her eggs but choice beauties from the LADIES FIRST RUN  10-16-2010  3/4".  Touch her pretties and feel her fury and strength.  DRAGON:  Enchantica Series,  Holland Craft Studios,  "Materith"  1994,  Ltd.  Edit. size 2950 Jabo Marbles 5

Jabo Marbles 6


"Take that puny mortal!  I am a divine being and you are but a mote before my might!"  I love this run for its rich Fall colors.  The marbles are almost on fire before the breath of this Dragon.  Watch out for fiery flying marbles from the JOKER III FALL HARVEST run  3/4"  10-31-2008.  DRAGON:  Series 5 Boxed Figure,  McFarlane Toys,  "Fire Dragon Clan." Jabo Marbles 7

Jabo Marbles 8


"These are mine!"  And green with greed he hovers over these unusual green-laced JOKER ODYSSEY 2010 TANK WASH marbles.  Hysteria greeted these marbles when they were first pictured at the marble boards.  "Jabo is treading on the sanctity of the Akro Agate Co!"  Actually these 9/16" to 5/8" marbles in hand are anything but Akro and 50% of them were fractured but they surely are intriguing and downright diabolical!  DRAGON;  Enchantica Series,  Holland Craft Studios,  "Infernos Mighty Firetongue"  1995-'99

Jabo Marbles 9

Jabo Marbles 10



"Who are you looking at?"  Well, this female Dragon should be covetous as Ron Shepherd gave me something like 70 marbles from this last investor run and every last one was worthy.  Called WHAT A TRIBUTE TOO run 12-5&6-2010.  5/8",  3/4" and 15/16".  Colors unimaginable and often 5 or 6 in one marble.  Then you occasionally have aventurine and goldstone to boot.  No  wonder she is wrapped around them!  DRAGON:  Windstone Editions series and manu.,  Melody Pena artist,  "Green Dragon Mother"  approx. 1985

Jabo Marbles 11

Jabo Marbles 12 


"You're off the edge of the map now mate and here there be monsters!"  Looks like civility is breaking down with the two on the right.....Oh well, they're Dragons.  It's about time someone fought over the ACES run 10-2-2008.  This run was exceptional for creating a pure champagne pink glass (Sorry, it bled out in the photo).  DRAGONS:  Dungeons & Dragons painted Minis,  Wizard of the Coast manu.,  Gold "Night Below" 2007,  Brown "Angel Fire Series"  2007,  Blue D&D basic game set 2006 and Copper "Unhallowed" 2005

Jabo Marbles 13 

Jabo Marbles 14                                                            #8

"My breath goes to 11;  that's hotter than 10!"  How appropriate that this Dragon with match in hand would mouth-off so.  I could not let another day go by without giving honor to this MADYIA RUN 5-21-2008 marbles given to me by Dave McCullough and named after one of his granddaughters.  Actually pictured are 12 different ones for which I have written a separate article yet to be published.  DRAGON:  "Zippo"  1999  Tim Wolfe, artist

Jabo Marbles 15 

Jabo Marbles 16                                                           #9

"Ready to meet the Reaper?  Prepare thyself for oblivion.....nothing can resist my attack!"  O.K.  I'm convinced.  You can keep them;  I have more.....something like 90 marbles from the FRANKIES RUN 3-28-2010.  Flames,  5&6 colors,  oxblood of course.  I don't think they used aventurine; you don't need flash when they look like this!  Purchased from Matthew Davis but these 12 are from Ron Shepherd on a trade.  DRAGON:  Enchantica,  Holland Craft Studios,  "Wolfarlis"  1994,  Ltd. Edit. size 2950

Jabo Marbles 17

Jabo Marbles 18

If you're looking for something special you are bound to find it in anyone of a number of these special investor runs at Jabo over the past 3 years.  And when you've done that maybe look back to the even earlier West Virginia swirls that are a part of Dave McCullough's complete marble legacy.


David Chamberlain   1-30-2011    301 Edith SE,  Albuquerque  NM 87102-3532  (831) 462-1873





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