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Humorous Conversation between Friends
Mike Adams April 1st, 2011


We can now add a third thing to life’s certainties.  First, there was death and taxes.  Now you can safely assume that if the "purty" JABO marbles made between 2008 and ???? are brought up in a discussion, it's gonna end in a fight.  Good Lord.


Conversation between two friends discussing the latest round of fur flying over Jabo made marbles:


We don’t like them.  

Why don’t we like them?

Because they are them.

What is it about them we don’t like?


Just them?

Yes, just them….Well, there’s also the way they act.

How’s that?

You can’t ask them questions.

You can’t ask a question?


What happens if you do?


Bedlam?  Are you sure?


Every time?

Every time.

Seems a little sensitive.

It’s more than a little sensitive.  It’s downright asinine.


Because, like I already told you, they are them.  Weren’t you listening?

I heard what you said.  I just have one question.  How is this about marbles?


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