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Alan Basinet Honored by the American Marble Hall of Fame 

January 19, 2012



( January 19, 2012 -- Alan Basinet Honored by the American Marble Hall of Fame 

Alan Basinet became involved in the marble hobby as a collector, while pursuing a career as an archeologist. With the increasing advent and popularity of the Internet, Alan saw opportunity in using the Internet as a means to sell marbles, to share marble collecting information and to establish a reputation in the marble collecting hobby. Through a website dedicated to marble collecting, Alan created a rich encyclopedia of marble types, illustrated with clear photographs and accurate descriptions that formed an excellent resource for collectors and neophytes to read and learn about marble collecting. From this early step he began to build name recognition and respect from marble collectors for his efforts to present and share marble identification knowledge. 

With the rise of Internet auction websites, Alan saw the potential to sell marbles through the online auction format and to reach a large potential collector base. Alan was an early adopter of Ebay for marble sales at a time when marble show attendance was flat. Although he was far from alone in early use of Ebay for marble sales – his reputation for broad knowledge spanning the marble collecting hobby and diverse marble types established his reputation quickly. Alan began selling consignment marbles through Ebay – respected by both sellers and prospective buyers alike. Over the years and through many thousands of marble auction transactions, Alan built his business such that it ultimately replaced his archeology career. Alan built a reputation in the marble collecting hobby for straightforward, honest and ethical dealings, accurate identification and descriptions, conservative grading and high quality photos to aid the bidder.

As years passed, Alan’s auctions were viewed by most marble collectors – and the countless marble photos, identification and descriptions formed a considerable body of knowledge over time. His well-earned reputation for accuracy lent credibility to this knowledge and slowly became a de facto reference for many collectors. Alan’s methods of identification, description and grading benefited from his background in archaeology, and the marble collecting hobby benefited from his methods. From his business efforts – Alan built a respected knowledge base among marble collectors throughout the U.S..

The base of knowledge that Alan Basinet has created and shared is a significant, lasting contribution to collectors nationwide and a respected foundation of knowledge within the national marble collecting hobby. He has personally advanced the knowledge of collectors in the areas of marble identification and classification, and has established a respected mark for the conservative grading of marble condition. In a time where marble auctions regularly include misidentified and incorrectly graded lots – Alan Basinet’s standards within the marble collecting hobby have set a mark for others to seek to equal.

For his broad and lasting contribution to the American marble collecting hobby and to collectors – Alan Basinet is recognized by the American Marble Hall of Fame for his considerable contribution to the body of knowledge within the hobby that will benefit generations of marble collectors.

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