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Here are a few pictures from the BMCC Columbus show.  Actually this is more pictures than I usually post but I had a hard time trying to decide what to exclude.  It was a great show and Brian Esteep and the BMCC did a fantastic job.


  1. The usual suspects head out to the show on Friday.  Here is my son eating a power lunch (aka Happy Meal).
  2. My daughter.
  3. And a new recruit, my wonderful wife Karen.  This is her 1st out of town marble expedition.
  4. The Traditional pre show jumping on the bed ceremony.

1-4 Columbus Show 2008

5. Brian Esteep.  Brian put on a great show, a lot of notable marble collectors and vendors showed up to support the Buckeye Marble Collectors’ Club event.

6. Here are a few marbles that Brian had on display.

7. Here is a shot of the room; the venue was great, nice rooms, plenty of space, etc.

8. Jr. Ice, looking for marbles.

5-8 Columbus Marble Show 2008

9. Trouble and More Trouble.

10. Vern.  Vern told me an interesting story about a booby trap in his bathroom, if you get the chance to talk to him ask him about it J

11. Mike Adams, Mike is the VP of the Indiana Marble Club as well as a really nice fellow.

12. Diane B.  Taking care of business while her husband “More Trouble” is out goofing off with “Trouble” (See picture 9).  Diane, the kids wanted me to thank you for the crackers, you saved them from starving J

Columbus Marble Show 2008

13. Terry Lundeen.  Terry had an incredible selection of bricks.

14. Bricks.

15. Bricks.

16.And more bricks.

13-16 Columbus Marble Show 2008

17. Some of Peter Sharrer’s Christensens.

18. The marble left and center blew me away, it was insane.  My wife liked it as well, unfortunately not enough to let me purchase it.

19. Another item that Peter had, a little bag of marbles that included the note that is in the next picture.

20. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the story behind this little bag?  Who made the bag, what the kid who played with them was like, how did he come by the marbles?  Cool stuff.

17-20 Columbus Marble Show 2008

21. Art Bowles.

22. An incredible set of Master Marbles that Art had.  The marbles weren’t in the budget so I had to settle for some of Art’s killer cookies.  If you are ever at a show and Art is there hit him up for a cookie, they are wonderful.

23. This is one of Sammy Hogue’s creations; my little girl insisted that I take a picture of it.  Mr. Hogue had a large selection of beautiful marbles that I unfortunately failed to take pictures of.  Sammy owns Sam’s Crystal Creations,

24. My son liked this one.

21-24 Columbus Marble Show 2008

25. Mr. Ed Parsons.  Ed had a huge selection of the new Jabo marbles.  For information about these e-mail Ed at MP92PARSONS@YAHOO.COM

26. I believe that these are called Bricks.  Please don’t hold me to the names on these, I failed to write them down and I’m going off of memory (Yikes!).

27. Cyclones

28. and Wire Pulls

25-28 Columbus Marble Show 2008

29. Tom Reed

30. and some really neat Akro cullet.

31. Some more of Tom’s cullet.

32. And even more.

29-32 Columbus Marble Show 2008

33. Eddie Seese and some of his creations.

34. This and picture # 36 were my favorite contemporaries at the show.

35. Some more of Eddie’s work.

36. Not only is this guys stuff fantastic but him and his wife were both very nice people, it was really nice to meet and talk to them.  Here is their contact info if you have any questions about Eddie’s marbles/art,

33-36 Columbus Marble Show 2008

37. Here is another talented contemporary marble artist.  Carl Fisher and his wife Fancesca.  Check out

38. I believe that I’ve seen some of his marbles for sell on Pete’s site.

39. It’s hard to believe that these are made of clay.

40. Very cool!!!

37-40 Columbus Marble Show 2008

41. Kris Parke, artist and owner of the Temptation Art Glass Studio, Inc.

42. Kris had a really great display of killer marbles.

43. Some more of his work.

44. And one more picture.

41-44 Columbus Marble Show 2008

45.  A spectacular 13/16th Blue Carnelian that Steve Smith sold to John B.

45 Columbus Marble Show 2008

For those of you who made it to the end thank you for taking the time to check it out.  I also would like to thank everyone that let me take pictures of them and their marbles.  *If I’ve inadvertently posted a picture of someone who doesn’t want their picture posted please let me know and I’ll remove it.  Thanks, Joe.


*Karen, this does not pertain to you.


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