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Hello everyone,
My daughter and I went to the
Decatur show; here are some pictures and commentary. It was a very nice show with a lot of really fine marbles and a bunch of super nice folks.

1 – The Navigator took ill and couldn’t make the show so he sent his understudy, Tura.
2 – Sorry folks, my daughter took the picture and insisted that we include it, you should have seen my other options.
3 – Blue Skies and amber waves of grain.
4 – What a beautiful day for a drive to a marble show (another Tura picture).

Decatur Show1-4

5 – We arrive at the hotel in Decatur.
6 – A picture is worth a thousand words.
7 – I met Joe in the lobby and he took me to the parking lot and showed me 10 7/8” Masters that I could not pass up. He dang near got away with all of my loot.
8 – On the way back into the hotel I noticed Cliff Thomas out front making a marble.

Decatur Show 5-8

9 – A profile shot of Cliff making a marble.
10 – A close up of the marble Cliff was making.
11 – Some of Cliff’s wonderful marbles.
12 – Some more of Cliff’s marbles, in case you haven’t noticed I was pretty impressed with Cliff

Decatur Show 9-12

13 – A picture of the marbles that my daughter picked out at Cliffs table, one for Mom, one for her brother and one for herself, she let me pay Cliff.
14 – Dan Grocki. Dan has got to be the hardest working man in the marble business, the James Brown of marbles if you will. I’ve been to five shows and Dan has been at every one of them. On top of that he always has an incredibly impressive display of marbles.
15 – Shane Decker. Shane had a nice display of marbles, some of which you will see in the next picture.
16 – Eight Akro Sparklers that I got from Mr. Decker.

Decatur Show 13-16

17 – Kenny Duntemann. Kenny gave my daughter a nice little pelt rainbo, marble people are some of the nicest people!
18 – A couple of nice Peltier boxes that belong to Kenny. The bottom one had a very nice “Citrus” in it.
19 – Mike Spalding. Mike was a very nice fellow; unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of his marbles except for one. Here’s what happened, I asked Mike if he would mind if I took a picture of my little girl with his marbles. He said sure and then promptly handed her a $3000 end of day handmade. I about stroked out, as quickly as I could I snapped the following picture and gave him the marble back. I walked off with all kinds of “what if” scenarios running through my head and thanked the marble gods for not letting any of them happen.
20 – Picture of little kid holding a “Heart Attack Marble”.

Decatur Show 17-20

21 – Mike and Chuck Garrett. Chuck is the shows organizer. Note, Chuck is holding the aforementioned “Heart Attack Marble”, I was still a little shook up at this point so I took the picture quickly, just in case.
22 – Another really sweet person, Delilah Davis, I didn’t catch the name of her young assistant but he was quite the salesman. Chris (tankgrrl29) if you read this Delilah told me to tell you “hello”.
23 – Some of Delilah’s Pool Ball marbles, I would have loved to have a set of these, unfortunately by the time I got here I was pretty much busted.
24 – I think Delilah sensed I was broke so she gave this knockout marble that she had made to my daughter. A so so picture of a really nice marble. Like I said, marble people are really a nice bunch.

Decatur Show 21-24


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