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1. From where we live the road to Decatur has a lot of this type of scenery, farmland for as far as the eye can see.


2. The road brought us here.


3. Then here.

4. And finally here.

Set 1


5. Where we were met by Chuck Garrett, Chuck puts on a great show and if you are ever in the area you definitely want to check it out.


6. Gino Biffany.


7. Some of Gino’s marbles…


8. And some more of Gino’s marbles.

Set 2


9. Joe & Ann Edlen had a lot of really nice marbles however I failed to take a picture of them.  You can reach them at


10. Art Jones giving a little marble mooch some marbles.


11. The mooches sister hit him up for some too.  Thanks Art, you’re the reason my kids marble collection is better than mine J


12. Marble Collector Steve Dodson.

Set 3


13. Steve Smith had some real nice marbles from the March Madness run.


14. Here are some of the March Madness marbles.  They are hard to see in this picture but they are pretty sweet.  They look like they have a black base but it’s actually clear.  I was going to get some but spaced it.  You can contact Steve about these at


15. Steve Sturtz hanging out shooting the breeze with Gino and pretty much doing nothing while…


16. his creative muse and better half (IMHO) takes care of business.  All kidding aside Steve had brought some really incredible Jabo’s, sort of the cream of the crop from the Tribute Runs.  Many of these are featured in his new book, “2008 Jabo Classics: The Experimentals”.  Steve can be reached at

Set 4


17. This gentleman, Vic Mason had a huge number of marbles with him.  Not only did he have a lot of marbles he was a very nice fellow.  I picked up a nice swirl that can be seen in the next picture.


18. Some of Mr. Mason’s marbles.  The swirl I got is in the group of blue and white swirls on the upper right side of the picture.  It is the one farthest to the right. He doesn’t have e-mail but anyone interested in getting in touch with him about marbles can pm me and I’ll give you his number.


19. Tom Jinks was the sole investor in the “Jinks” run at Jabo.  He had some nice marble that you can see in the next picture.


20. Tom’s marbles.  He also had some nice tops that were pretty cool.  You can contact Tom at 660-827-3438.

Set 5


21. Bill Bass, Bill always has a lot of really nice marbles as you can see in the following pictures.  Bill’s e-mail is


22. Bill’s marbles.  If anyone wants a larger view let me know and I’ll post some bigger pictures.


23. More Bill B. marbles.


24. And even more Bill marbles.

Set 6


25. The smileyest man in marbledom.  Every time I see Griff he is smiling ear to ear.  Personally I think he’s up to something J


26. Here are some benningtons that Griff had that I thought were pretty neat.  I also got a couple of really cool glass tops from Griff that my kids though were neat.


27. Lonnie Conyers, Lonnie is one half of the “Marble Nuts” team.  His partner in crime, Bud Shute was missing in action when I took this photo.

28. This is kind of interesting.  As we were leaving this wacked out cat jumped out of the bushes, picked my son up by his ears and shook him till all of his marbles fell out of his pockets and then snatched up the marbles and made off with them.  It happened in the blink of an eye, I didn’t have time to react except to snap a quick picture of the culprit.  If anyone knows who this marble bushwhacker is please let me know, I’d like to get my son’s marbles back.  As you can tell from the picture he is really distressed over the whole affair

Set 7


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