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Hello everyone, here are some pics from the Indy marble show. The 2007 Indy show was the first marble show that I had ever attended. I thought that it was great but this years show was even better. There were more people selling marbles and it appeared that there were a lot more visitors to the show. If you didn't make it this year make sure you put it on the calendar for next year.

1.Two marble hunters ready to hit the road.
Indianapolis, Lucas Oil Stadium, the Colts new home, under construction to the left.
3.Finally, we make it to Indy. (Actually we only live about twenty five minutes from where the show took place but in previous pictorials I had a “traveling to the marble show” theme going so I figured no point in changing the program)
4.In room trading line up (cock head to the right to read).

Indianapolis Marble Show 1-4

5.Kim Winningham, Beth Morris and Steve Splatt. Kim is the Indian Marble Clubs new Secretary, Beth is the clubs President and Steve is…the Splattman! Thanks for the Kokomo’s Steve.
Mike Adams, the IMC’s new VP.
7.Poor little urchins begging for marbles.
8.Adult obliging the urchins by giving them freebie marbles.

Indianapolis Marble Show 5-8

9.Drew Morris. Drew had some really neat stuff.
10.Two of marbledoms nicest people, Chuck & Diane B.
11.Dale DeHart “Acquisitioner & Relinquisher of Fine Junk
12.Vern T. Vern had some nice Masters.

Indianapolis Marble Show 9-12

13.Chris Jones displayed some of his spectacular hand made collection.
14.Bill Bass. Bill had a really great selection of marbles.
15.Jim Wiley. Jim also had a lot of nice stuff.
16.Marble Nuts” Bud & Joyce Shute.

Indianapolis Marble Show 13-16

17.The other half of the “Marble Nuts” Lonnie & Phyllis Conyers.
18.Rhonda, AKA Gracie.
19.Gino Biffany.
20.Some of Gino’s pee wee pelts. Gino also had some Peltier Second Run marble boxes that were very nice.

Indianapolis Marble Show 17-20

21.Ken Humphrey’s collection of Czech bullet mold marbles, the largest grouping of its kind in the world. How I managed to not get a picture of Ken is a mystery to me.
22.Marble collector and nice guy Joe Lee.
23.Marble maker Cliff Thomas of 2000 Degrees Plus Glass.
24.And last but not least Greg Morris, another great guy. Greg is the husband of Beth “El Presidente” Morris. You know what they say “Behind every great woman is a…”

Indianapolis Marble Show 21-24

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