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  1. This little guy was sitting in a tree when we pulled up at the show.  He sat there and let my daughter take several pictures of him.
  2. Marble kids and budding shutter bugs ready to go, each contributed one picture from the show.
  3. Beth Morris, Beth and the rest of the folks, from the Indiana Marble Club, Greg, Mike and Kim put on a wonderful marble show.  It was everything I’d hoped it would be, great job!!!
  4. Greg Morris.


  5. Great friends and mentors.

  6. Another friend and mentor, George Sourlis.

  7. Rhonda made good on her promise to get a refreshing beverage at the show.

  8. And Steve made good on his threat to come to the show, however I suspect Rhonda still had to call and remind him.  Good to see you Steve.


  9. The Unknown Marble Guy.  A few hints to his identity, he collects marbles, loves to fish and can ride a bicycle very very fast.  If you figure out who he is ask him to tell you the “Bike” story.  His shirt reads “Fillet And Release Club”.

  10. Marble Kids digging through a box of the Unknown Marble Guys mibs.

  11. Steve Smith and a big ole group of Eagles.  I got me some really nice ones.    If you don’t have yours yet Steve can be contacted here,

  12. Marble collector, Jim Palko.



  13. Cliff Thomas of 2000 Degrees Plus.  Cliff makes some really nice marbles as well as jewelry and beads.  You can contact Cliff at

  14. Some of Cliffs marbles.  Photo courtesy of Roland Street.

  15. Some more marbles on display at the show.

  16. And some more marbles.

  17. Dale DeHart, Kim Winningham, Beth Morris and Greg Morris.

  18. A couple of really nice handmades belonging to Dale.  I think that Mike A. may putting together an article regarding the origins of these marbles.

  19. This is an interesting item, from what I understand it was put together by a gentleman that actually worked at Kokomo Opalescent Co. during its marble producing days.

  20.Ron Yutzy.  Ron is a really nice fellow who has some pretty cool marbles.  I picked up a super fancy Bennington from him.


  21. Chris Jones…

  22. And some of his fantastic handmade collection.

  23. Dick Goddard looks like he is really working really hard.  He had a nice 1” Master that I’m wishing I had picked up.

  24. Bob Murphy heading out after the show, I met Bob for the first time.  He seemed like a really nice fellow.


  25. Tom Jinks.  Mr. Jinks along with the folks from Jabo is responsible for the November 7th, 2008 Jinks run.

  26. Some of Mr. Jinks marbles.

  27. And some more…

  28. And yet even more.  Unfortunately I failed to get contact info from Mr. Jinks.







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