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1. Kim Winningham and Beth Morris. The Indiana Marble Clubs Secretary and President.  Beth is the driving force behind the Kokomo show and this year her and her crew did a great job! 


2.  A shot of the room, the gentleman with the flag on his shirt is Greg Morris.  Greg is also instrumental in helping with the show and a nice fellow to boot.


3.  Gary Weisenbarger (far right) and company.  Gary always has some killer marbles.


4.  This dangerous looking crew consists of Art Bowles, Dennis Russell and George Sourlis.  They didn’t appear to care too much for the paparazzi so I kept my distance just in case they decided to jump me and bust my camera.

Kokomo Marble Show


5.  Mike Adams, another member of the Indiana Marble Club.  Mike is really a good guy, every time I found a marble that I wasn’t sure what it was I would take it to Mike and he would graciously help me out.  The lady in the background is Joyce Shute, Bud Shute’s better half.  She was very kind and gave my children some really cool glow in the dark rocks.  The kids have since run down the batteries in my black light.


6.  Some sulphides and other handmades that Mike had at the show.


7.  A killer two panel onion skin that Mike had, side one.


8.  And side two, this marble was really spectacular.

Kokomo Marble Show 2008


9.  Bill Bass had a very impressive selection of marbles.


10.  Some of Bill’s marbles.


11.  Some more of Bill’s marbles.


12.  And a fantasy box of parrots, these were really nice and I would like to have had some of them but...

Kokomo Marble Show


13.  Art Jones.


14.  Art Jones with a pile of my loot sitting in front of him.  Part of the reason I couldn’t do anything more than look at Bill’s parrots.


15.  A gentleman named Scott, unfortunately I failed to get Scott’s last name.  He had a very nice display of marbles.


16.  These two “Marble Nuts” are Bud Shute & Lonnie Conyers, or is it Lonnie & Bud?  Anyway the one who goes by “Lonnie” had two incredible Popeye’s with oxblood.  Both of these fine gentlemen have a large selection of marbles and can be reached via e-mail at, Bud: and Lonnie at
Kokomo Marble Show 2008

17.  George S. talking with Steve Dodson, Steve had a nice display of marbles.


18.  George Ring and Dale Dehart.  At one time Dale had a business card that read “Acquisitioner & Relinquisher of Fine Junk” I thought that was such a cool card.


19.  The Splattman, the reason he is smiling so big it that he got what little money I had left after Art got through with me.  Thanks for the Kokomo’s Steve.


20.  Scott, Rhonda, Steve and Dan Grocki.  Rhonda I think is tired from going through the big pile of marbles on the end of Dan’s table, most of which I think she took home with her J  Rhonda, thank you for the Kokomo’s as well.
Kokomo Marble Show 2008



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