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Hello everyone,


Here are some pictures and commentary on the Crossroads of America Marble Show.  As usual Beth Morris and company put on a wonderful show, there were plenty of vendors and collectors on hand as well.  All in all a fantastic time.  I did take a few more pictures than usual, I tried to get more pictures of the marbles than I usually do but it does make for a rather long read.


Some things in Indiana:


1.  Misty mornings.

2.  Big bean fields.

3.  Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Colts.

4.  And the Great Crossroads of America Marble Show!

Marble Show Pictures 1-4


5. George Sourlis and Nancy Frier.  Nancy’s Grandfather was John Frier, founder of the    Alox Manufacturing Company.  George brought Nancy a tape he made of an interview
   with her father back in the late 90's.

6.  Some of George’s marbles.

7.  A close up.

8.  George after he had been fleeced by a couple of marble moochers.
Marble Show Pictures 5-8

9.  Ric and Jake; Jake is budding young marble collector that has great taste in music (he’s a 
    Floyd fan).

10. Here’s George and WVRON.  Note the look of surprise on Ron’s face, I snuck up on them
    and shot this one.

11. The Splattman, Steve is a good guy who has contributed to my Kokomo collection on more
     thank one occasion.

12.  Chuck B. and Rhonda hanging out.
Marble Show Pictures 9-12

13. Diane B. fixing up some kids with marbles, thank you Diane.

14. Chuck talking to a fellow name Dirk.  Dirk had some Kokomo’s that were his fathers;
    apparently his father was quite a marble player in his youth and had won a lot of
    marbles.  The next two photo's are Kokomo's that he brought.

15. Kokomo’s

16. And some more Kokomo’s.
Marble Show Pictures 13-16

17. Some of Chuck & Diane’s marbles.

18. A few more.

19. Check out the two on the bottom.

20. Some Killer Vitro’s.
Marble Show Pictures 17-20

21. Some Akro box’s.

22. And some bags.  When these folks come to a show they always have a lot of really nice
     marbles.  I could
literally spend a whole show looking at their stuff and probably not see
     it all.  The pictures here are only a small sample.

23. I met this gentleman for the first time, his name is Jim Devitt.

24. Here are a few of his marbles and his contact info, 517-223-4470
     or 702-239-1282.

Marble Show Pictures 21-24

25. Here we have Mike A. he fixed me up with a really cool red base Master. Thanks Mike!!!

    Mike is the VP of the Indiana Marble Club who also has some very nice marbles.

26. Here is a nice hand made that Mike brought to the show.

27. Some more of Mike’s mibs.

28. And a few more.
Marble Show Pictures 25-28

29. Here is another fellow that I got to meet.  We have spoke but I’d never met him in
    person. Bill, aka romanoak on the boards is a really nice fellow and he brought some killer
    handmades to the show. or 859-983-6457.

30. Bill’s handmades.

31. Some more…

32. Wow!
Marble Show Pictures 29-32

33. Bill Bass, Bill always has a nice display of marbles. or 


34. Some nice CAC’ and Akro’s…

35. Some cool Pelts.

36. I’ve seen (drooled over) this box before.  I really like Parrots.
Marble Show Picture 33-36

37. Art Jones, super nice fellow.  Art hooked my kids up with a couple of Peltier tracers that
    are nicer than any I have in my collection.

38. Some of Arts marbles.

39. Mike Coyle.

40. Some of Brian Grahams, oxblood creations.
Marble Show Picture 37-40

41. Ron Yutzy, seen here talking with Nancy. or 574-536-7404.

42. Some of Ron’s personal marbles

43. John Duck, John gave my kids some marble bags that that got filled pretty quickly.  He
     had a pretty large selection of marbles. or 740-984-4667 or

44. Some of the bubble packs that John brought.
Marble Show Picture 41-44

45. Dan Grocki, Dan always brings a huge selection of marbles to the shows and I’ve seen him
    at almost every show that I’ve been to.  Here are a couple of contact numbers for Dan,
    574-255-2926 or 574-302-5390.

46. A few of Dan’s marbles.

47. A few more.

48. And one more shot.
Marble Show Pictures 45-48

49. Two great fellows, Bud Shute and Lonnie Conyers, they are a couple of “Marble Nuts” that

     always have a large selection of marbles.  You can contact Lonnie at 765-747-9544 or I believe Bud’s e-mail is

50. Two kids and a dog. (needed a pic to fill out the group :-)

51. Here is Beth Morris, a really sweet lady who is responsible for getting everyone together
    and putting on this great show.  Thank you Beth, your hard work is very much appreciated.

52. Greg Morris, Beth’s husband.  Super nice fellow who also plays an important roll in getting
     the show together.  Thanks Greg.
Marble Show Pictures 49-52

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