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#1-The Navigator prepares notes for the trip.
#2-On the road, entering
#3-Crossing over into
West Virginia.
#4-Some of the beautiful
West Virginia country side.

Sistersville 1-4

#5-Yet even more of the beautiful West Virginia country side.
#6-Coming into Saint Mary’s, almost there.
#7-Finally, Sistersville!!
#8-The Wells Inn at Sistersville. We were on the top floor, should have taken a picture.
Sistersville 5-8

#9-The Navigator and Mr. Steve (AKA Duffy). Steve gave the Navigator a special camouflage marble collecting hat which allowed us to sneak up on all kinds of great marble deals. We got some super last run Jabo’s from Steve.
#10-Dan Grocki’s display, Dan had a ton of great marbles; I got a nice Master Marble from him.
#11-Some more of Dan’s marbles.
#12-Marble Maker extraordinaire, Philip Arthur, it was worth the trip just to see him make a marble, very cool.

Sistersville 9-12

#13-Mr. Junior Ice, a marble scholar and a gentleman as well. Mr. Ice not only had an incredible display of marbles but he also had a bunch of really neat marble gizmos that he makes.
#14-One of Mr. Ice’s marble toys, these things are really cool, if you haven’t seen one in action you gotta check them out.
Rick Rines. Rick sells marbles on e-bay under rinesmarbles. He brought me some marbles to the show that I had been looking for and hadn’t been able to find. A very nice fellow with a huge selection of Jackson, Davis, Heaton and Alley marbles. Thanks, Rick.
#16-No idea why I included this pic, other than it was me and the Nav’s favorite watering hole.

Sistersville 13-16

#17-Marblers in the streets of Sistersville.
#18-The Navigator with some of the days haul.
#19-Headed home.
#20-The mighty marble hunter shares some of the spoils from the trip with his sister who was unable to make the journey due to a previously booked shopping expedition with mom.

Sistersville 17-20

The Navigator and me editing pictures to post on the marble board.

Sistersville Roland & Joe


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