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MARBLE SHOOT (Also called Torpedo)

Object:    To capture the most marbles.

Set Up:    One taw line* marked out.

Ante:      One to begin with, but a pocketful to stay in the game.

Rules:      Player #1 set the target by shooting a marble from the taw line.
            Player #2 then tries to hit the target by also shooting from the taw
            line.  If player #2 hits marble #1, he puts both marbles from the
            play in his pile.  Player #2 then starts the process over again by
            setting another target for the nest player.  If a player misses a
            target, the nest player then has one more choice of targets and he
            aims and shoots and the game proceeds with a player getting to shoot
            until he has a miss.  The player with the most captured marbles at the
            end of an agreed upon number of rounds wins the game.


The marked line from which players shoot or bowl their marbles.  The distance from the taw line to the targets varies with the games.


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