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PYRAMIDS (Also called Castles and King of the Mountain)

Object:    To knock the most marbles out of the ring.

Set Up:    A circle 3-8 feet in diameter. (Figure #4)

Ante:      Either five or twelve marbles per player.

Rules:      The first player builds a pyramid with three marbles in a tight triangle
            and one on top. (Or you can use a 6, 4 and one pattern)  He then
            becomes the "Keeper of the pyramid of castle."  Player #2 shoots at the
            pyramid in an attempt to knock a marble out of the ring.  If he succeeds
            he builds a pyramid for the next player and player #2 is now the the
            "Keeper."  If he fails then he must give a marble to the "keeper" and
            it is player #3's turn.  Winner is determined after 3 rounds.

Figure #4

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