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RINGER (Used in Tournament Play)

Object:    To be the first to knock 7 marbles out of the ring.

Set Up:    Marked circle-10 feet in diameter, lag and pitch lines* marked.
            Thirteen (13) marbles arranged in a cross in the center, marbles 3
            inches apart.  (Figure #6)

Ante:       Thirteen marbles per player.

Rules:       Player #1 knuckles down* at his chosen spot and tries to knock another
             marble out of the ring.  A hit allows him to continue shooting, a miss
             ends his turn.  Shooters* are played from where they stopped after a
             hit, but picked up after a miss.  The first player to knock seven
             marbles out (his shooter leaving the ring with the seventh marble) wins
             the game.  If his shooter does not leave the ring with his seventh hit,
             he must put the marble #7 back in the cross and wait until his next
             turn to try again.  If a shooter goes out, the players are allowed
             roundsters* on their next turn.  Any marble that stops right on the
             ring line is considered "in" if the center of the marble is in and "out"
             if the marble center is out.  Marbles knocked out of the ring that
             bounce back in are counted as captured and picked up.


This is a straight line which is tangent to and touching the playing ring.  It is also parallel to and opposite from the pictchline.


This is the line from which players aim for the lagline and is tangent to the ring and parallel to the “lagline.”

This refers to the most important rule in marble play and describes the correct way of shooting with the knuckles to the ground until the shooter marbles leaves the players hand. See Figure #2


This is a slightly larger marble that is used to hit the other marbles in the ring.  It is a player’s most valuable marble and is used in almost every play.  It is also called the Boss marble, alley or taw.


When a player circles the ring to choose his best playing position he is taking time for roundsters.  This is usually only done on the first round of turns or if a shooter rolls out of a ring with another marble that it hit.

Figure #6




Figure #2

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