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Object:    To knock the most marbles out of the ring, thus capturing them.

Set Up:    A large 3-8 feet diameter circle with a small center circle 5 inches

Ante:       Three to eight marbles per player set in the small circle.  (Figure #7)

Rules:      Players shoot from outside the large ring, trying to knock the target
            marbles out of the small ring.  A hit allows them to continue shooting,
            a miss ends their turn.  The shooters* are played from where they stop
            and can be captured by other player if they are inside either of the
            two circles.  The player who knocks the last marble out of the small ring
            gets an extra turn.


This is a slightly larger marble that is used to hit the other marbles in the ring.  It is a player’s most valuable marble and is used in almost every play.  It is also called the Boss marble, alley or taw.

Figure #7

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